"That revelation should be renewed again in the latter days: God willing, is devoutly to be desired by all rational and intelligent beings." Harry Edgar Baker



Faith Promoting Short Story Collection.

Below is a collection of faith-promoting short stories taken from the pioneer era.  It is our sincere wish that some of these stories might spark a little faith among the unbelievers who are honest in heart. 

A Curious Experience in Drowning. One young boy's account of his out of body experience, after drowning then coming back to life.

A Heavenly Vision, A Starlight Night A remarkable scene in the night sky, on the night of September 22, 1827.

A Mysterious Preacher One of the Three Nephites?

A Vision of the Spirit World The vivid experiences of the afterlife through the eyes of David Patten Kimball.

Finding a Father. A young orphan boy's reluctant journey across the plains to find his father in Utah.

Haun's Mill Massacre. A tragic account of the slaughter of a Mormon community at Haun's Mill Missouri, and a lone woman's faith and hope in God to miraculously heal her son of his wounds as she courageously faces the ruthless mob.

Willard Smith Survives the Haun's Mill Massacre.

Hosts of Hell.  A frightening confrontation between early Church missionaries, and spirits from hell.

Joseph Smith's History

The Martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Historic Accounts of the Great Salt Lake.

view of Great Salt Lake from Antelope IslandThe Wild Horse Herds on Antelope Island.  A truly magnificent chapter about early pioneer life on Antelope Island, and of the majestic wild horses which once roamed the mountains of the island.

Lady of the Lake. The story of the first pioneer family to live on Fremont Island.







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