"That revelation should be renewed again in the latter days: God willing, is devoutly to be desired by all rational and intelligent beings." Harry Edgar Baker



Preface to the Word of the Lord

The revelation printed in this volume was received in the early part of the year 1916, nearly two years prior to its present appearance (referring to the publication in December, 1917), and, in view of the bearing it has upon present conditions in Europe and America, it is considered proper to state, in making the publication at this time, the reasons which have chiefly contributed to its postponement.

The MS. was arranged for the publisher without delay, at the first, and was submitted for publication to the editors of the Sunday issues of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Examiner, and also to the Chicago Daily News. After giving full consideration to its review, the Tribune editor replied that it was contrary to the policy of the paper to publish articles dealing with religious subjects; and, accordingly, declined to publish it; while the editor of the Examiner complained of its great length for a daily newspaper, but would consider the matter of publication after thirty days, within which time there was no space available. At the expiration of that period the editor declared the article to be "a book," and that he could not give it space. Inasmuch as longer articles were appearing quite frequently in the Sunday Examiner, it was apparent that the reason assigned was evasive and not to be taken as the legitimate cause of its rejection.

The Daily News returned the MS. in accordance with conventional usage in the case of rejected matter, stating that it was "not available" for the uses of the paper. After the above experience it was deemed advisable to let the coming events of the great war, which was then but fairly commenced, speak out more fully before making a further attempt to bring it to the attention of the public.

It was, accordingly, set aside to abide the confirmation of the new history which was rapidly making, though not until several Chicagoans of note had given it a private review.

Toward the close of the present year, 1917, the time was considered opportune for making a second effort, and this decicion was reached more especially because of the importance of the message to the nations, as well as to individuals, at this particular time in the crisis of the conflict.

Nineteen of the leading American monthly magazines were, accordingly, selected and copies of the MS. sent to them. Their editors reviewed them, and each, one after the other, declined to publish the article.

Whereupon the matter was printed in book form, a means of reaching the public which is always open to those who are denied a hearing by reason of the power of public opinion; which power, all too often, stands in its own light and in the light of the world.

Knowing full well that the masses of mankind are not bound down within the narrow limits set by self-interest periodicals, we were assured that a revelation fraught with such consequences, would make its own way among men.The Christian world, as a whole, in spite of the blindness of many, still knows that the ancient, and indeed, only means of knowledge concerning the providence which overrules the nations, always has been, and always must be, obtained, if at all, by revelation.

That the revelations contained in the Bible constituted the true key to a correct understanding of man's status upon the earth and the fate of the nations, is known to all men who can lay any claim to wisdom in matters of state or of religion either; and they might well know also that the destiny of the modern state should, as a matter of fact, be no exception to the rule.

That there was for many years a breach or interruption in their continuance, from what prevailed in former times, is the stupendous misfortune of the world; for it ushered into the path of history what men designate as "the dark ages," and which was truly the midnight of all time.That revelation should be renewed again in the latter days: God willing, is devoutly to be desired by all rational and intelligent beings.We know that the history of those sciences which men are pleased to call exact knowledge, contains the record of a long line of exploded, though once accepted theories. It is a record of such colossal errors that men ought to see, in contrast with it, the certainty of that steady light which comes from the record of the revealed Word of God. And it ought to cause this generation to cling to the principle of revelation, and therefore, to listen to the voice of revelation, as well as other sources of intelligence.

He whose spirit moved upon the prophet Daniel to utter the prophecy that in the fullness of times knowledge would be increased, was, it is right to infer, in full possession of all that knowledge which was to increase among men; for he was that very light shining in darkness.

He unto whom "All power was given in earth and in heaven" assuredly possessed all knowledge; for the truism, universally accepted, that "knowledge is power," upholds the truth that all power means also all knowledge; which truth is reaffirmed by the declaration of Jude, that He was "The only wise God."

And it has been the overruling providence of a being so endowed to measure out that knowledge through channels of human inspiration, progressively in ever increasing degrees, until the fullness of times; and prophetic of him to declare it.

He and He only, therefore, knows what is best for man to receive from heaven and what is best for him to search out; and all men should center their supreme reliance upon His Word.

The ostensible author of this small volume disavows personal responsibility for it, and certifies to the world that it is the Word of God and not of man, and that it is sent forth by the will of God to the people of this generation.

And in this Christmas season, when men are remembering their friends in the giving of gifts and tokens of love, their Redeemer also is remembering His covenant made with Abraham of old, the friend of God, and bestowing upon his spiritual posterity a gift of incomparable value, by pointing out to us, in great plainness, the only way in which to obtain that greatest of all gifts, the gift of eternal life.



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